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Find your niche at Maverick Entertainment.

MEG has created a pipeline between independent filmmakers and the masses who love movies. Through partnerships with major retailers, video on demand companies and TV providers, movie fans can enjoy MaverickMovies where they want, when they want... online, on their mobile devices and gaming systems or on their big screen TV's!

With a broad selection of movies, including urban films, inspirational films, horror movies, sexy movies and gay & lesbian films, MaverickMovies offer the kinds of genres movie fans crave, but the major movie studios don't provide on a regular basis.

Consumers can purchase any of MEG's nearly 400 title library at MaverickMovies!

Retailers can set up a direct relationship by emailing Nancy Folgmann at or by calling 954-422-8811, extension 209.

If you are interested in joining our Affiliate Program, please email or contact Courtney Duerig at 954-422-8811, extension 205.

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Nocturnal Agony
Nocturnal Agony
Just a Measure of Faith
Just a Measure of Faith

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