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Pre-Order Date: 12/17/2004
Street Date: 01/11/2005
Director: Edgar Arellano
Stars: Omar Alexis, Mario Larraza
Runtime: 80 mins
Screen Format: Full Screen
Parental Warning: Strong language, Adult situation, Sexual Content, Violence
Country: USA

DVD Features:
Spanish Subtitles, 5.1 Surround, Interactive Menu, Scene Selections, Trailer

LOCO and MARIO are hommies who are always up to no good. But when an ex-con asks for their help it's an offer that they can't refuse. With the cops on their case, booties on the brain and two killers from the south of the border trying to take what they don't even know they have, the stage is set for the only game worth playing. Survival of the fittest. The streets are their playground.

UPC Codes:
Catalog# DVD: MAV-5108
UPC# DVD: 824355510829

Other Information:
Selling Points:
  • Urban Action with a edgy mix of sex and violence adds to this independent flick.
  • Crosses both Urban and Latino demographics
  • Director Edgar Arellano spices up a familiar recipe of confusion, suspense and murder in this non-stop 16 mm ride through the streets of the barrio with two friends just trying to stay alive.

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