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Pre-Order Date: 05/02/2008
Street Date: 06/03/2008
Director: York Shackleton
Stars: Bret Roberts, Nicole Marie Lenz, Mike Erwin, Marnette Patterson, Matthew Carey, James DeBello, James Duval, Michael Bellisario, William Atherton, Nick Annunziata
Runtime: 90 mins
Screen Format: 16x9 LB & 4x3 FF
MPAA Rating: R
Parental Warning: Drug content, language, some sexuality and violence
Country: USA

DVD Features:
5.1 Surround Sound, Interactive Menus, Scene Selections, Trailers; Trailers not rated by the MPAA

A group of young drug dealers make the biggest mistake of their lives when they front a 10-pack of Kush to a risky crack-head. Burned out of thirty thousand dollars they take matters into their own hands and scheme to kidnap the crack-head's teenage brother. But their perfect drug dealing, money making life quickly falls apart and relationships, even those bound by time and family, are quickly destroyed.

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UPC Codes:
Catalog# MAV-5271
UPC# 8-24355-52712-4

Other Information:
Selling Points:
  • Kush was nominated for Best Drama at the High Times Stony Awards
  • Nick Annunziata- HBO’s “The Sopranos”
  • William Atherton- The Girl Next Door, The Last Samurai, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Ghost Busters
  • Michael Bellisario- CBS series “Jag”
  • Matthew Carey- Fox series “24,” Old School
  • James DeBello- Scary Movie 2
  • James Duval- Gone in Sixty Seconds, Independence Day, Won and American Indian Movie Award for Best Actor in The Doe Boy at the 2001 American Indian Film Festival, Won a New American Cinema Award for The Weekend at the 1999 Seattle International Film Festival
  • Website:
  • Promoted on Maverick's corporate Facebook page

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