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Waraos, The
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Pre-Order Date:
Street Date: 05/01/2012
Director: Régulo Briceño
Stars: Ronny Velásquez, Abel Palacios, Yordana Medrano
Runtime: 46 mins
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Country: South America

Synopsis English     Espanol
In South America, in the final stretch from the Orinoco River, survives one of the oldest cultures in America: The Warao or "canoe people." We get to know their customs, traditions, mythologies and their unique worldview of a people that continue to suffer an environmental crime: the end of the Caño Mánamo. The consequences of this injustice, the hopes and future of The Warao people are told in this eloquent cinematic documentary.

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Catalog# MAV-5388
UPC# 824355538823

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