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Severed Ties

Own It August 09, 2005

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 85 Minutes

UPC: DVD: MAV-5125, DVD: 824355512526

"Severed Ties" follows the trail of four lives after one of them commits murder to satisfy his sado/masochistic fetish. Brian Charles and his girlfriend Angie's fun evening together is cut short by a disturbing phone call from Victor, Brian's brother. Victor's appetite for control has lead to murder and now Brian must make a decision: Help his brother "bury" his crime or turn him in. "Severed Ties" tension filled plot, superb acting and direction will leave you stunned.


Brian Weddington, Coco Elysses, David W. Johnson


David W. Johnson

Selling Points

  • Urban Thriller with a deadly ending
  • High Production Value
  • Powerful Acting and Performances make this a Must See


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