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Sex and Consequences

Own It June 19, 2007

Genre: Erotic

Runtime: 84 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5236, 8-24355-52362-1


When Sam Taylor (Rodney Scott) meets Lisa Wayne (Joan Severance), he experiences every 18-year old guy's ultimate fantasy: no-strings-attached sex with a beautiful, uninhibited older woman. However, as the summer between high school and college wears on, Sam learns that when it comes to sex there are always strings attached. Sam unwittingly becomes a pawn in Lisa's twisted emotional game with her uptight police officer husband (Corbin Bernsen). She uses her affair with Sam to taunt her husband, manipulating him into a final confrontation.

Directed By Cast
Michael Valverde Joan Severance, Corbin Bernsen, Rodney Scott, Charles Van Eman

About the Crew

  • Former Supermodel-turned-Actress, Joan Severance, (The Last Seduction II ) as a recurring role in MyNetwork's hit “Wicked Games”.
  • Currently a regular cast member of USA's hit series “Psych”, Corbin Bernsen (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), blazed to TV stardom on "L.A. Law"
  • A realistic sexual fantasy!


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