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Good Girl, Bad Girl

Own It May 06, 2008

Genre: Action

Runtime: 95 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5256, 8-24355-52562-5

Having a twin can have its upside, but for these two girls it definitely has a downside. With two very different ways of life and two completely different problems these sister's lives come crashing into each other at full speed. What ensues is an action filled ride of mistaken identities as the bad girl must become the good girl and the Good Girl, Bad Girl.


Julia Stinshoff, Hendrik Duryn, Graham McTavish, Nick Brimble, Michael Culver, Ross Boatman


Sebastian Vigg

Selling Points

  • Nick Brimble (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)
  • Starring German film star Julia Stinshoff
  • Graham McTavish (2008's Rambo)
  • Michael Culver (Captain Needa in The Empire Strikes Back)
  • Ross Boatman (firefighter Kevin Medhurst in the long-running television series London's Burning), he is also a professional poker player.


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