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Boss Lady

Own It July 09, 2013

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 120 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5417, 824355541724

Raised on the streets of Detroit, Roxanne beat the odds and rose to the top of the male dominated music industry. Now forced to confront the people she stepped on in her rise to fame, Roxanne must face the error of her ways and change before it's too late.


Christina Benjamin, Andrew “Black” Calhoun, Candace P. Hale, Jessica Ryan, Catherine J. Matinez


Vanessa Lynn

Selling Points

  • From the Producer, Writer, and Director that brought you the hit stage play "Unequally Yoked" and "Affairs"
  • Another hit stage play by Vanessa Lynn
  • Vanessa Lynn's most powerful, emotional, theatrical production to date