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Just Our Luck

Own It May 03, 2016

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Runtime: 78 Minutes

UPC: 824355550726, MAV-5507

Ema shares with her two best friends the find in her fortune cookie - three fortunes in one and they all read the same - "your path to finding eternal love begins now". She reflects on being in love and believes it's just around the corner. Days go by and she becomes disenchanted as her luck in love isn't panning out. Then one day a certain someone mysteriously appears. This shatters her beliefs and Ema comes to understand that a perfect fit for one may not be the same for another.


Sarah Jayne Rothkopf, Sara Michal, Kelsay Hewett


Crystal Ellis

Selling Points

  • Crystal Ellis is a producer known for Slumber Party (2005),Mama's Foot (2007) and Nerd Boy (2008).
  • Lance Charnow is an actor, known for Struggle (2012), Sobriety (2014) and Betrayal (2012).
  • Kelsey Hewlett is known for her work on Helicopter Mom (2014) and Dawn of the Inflatables (2013).
  • Sarah Jayne Rothkopf is an actress, known for Just Our Luck (2015) and The Last Ones(2015).
  • Jennifer Aspinwall is an actress, known for Deception (2015), Love, Lust and Heartbreak (2014) and Awkward Moments (2013).
  • Tom Griggs Sr. is a producer and actor, known for Nerd Boy (2008), Rappas (2009) and F.L.I.R.T.: Fine Ladies Is Runnin' Things (2009).
  • Jerry Jackson is a cinematographer and producer, known for Truly Blessed (2009), The Player (2015), The Cheater (2015)