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Sons Of The City

Own It February 07, 2017

Genre: Urban Thriller

Runtime: 77 Minutes

UPC: 824355552126, MAV-5521

Sons of the City tells the story of Joe Young, an inner city college student with a bright future thrown into a war he does not want to fight yet cannot find the courage to leave. More than a coming of age film about urban decay, Sons of the City is about a young man's psychological and emotional journey as he deals with romance, violence, drugs, and urban culture. As Joe becomes increasingly aware of the forces affecting his life he finds the courage to go against accepted norms, break old traditions and make new commitments.


Howard Brown and Ashley Williams


Marcus Richardson

Selling Points

  • Caroline Onikute is a producer known for Eden's World, Married at First Sight, and was also a production manager for the 2012 Soul Train Awards.
  • Lorenzo Jones is an actor, known for Fine Lines (2016), Sons of the City (2014) and For My Man (2015).
  • Reshaun Jones is an actor and writer, known for What to Bring to America (2010), Big Ass Agency (2012) and Signals 2 (2013).
  • Robbie Douglas is an actor, known for Reminisce (2013), Where I'm From (2013) and Three Weekends in June (2010).