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Rent or Buy Now Box Art for American Gang Wars

American Gang Wars

Own It August 09, 2016

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 56 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5517, 824355551723


Based on the true story of Terrence Davis, a former gang leader turned filmmaker. He documents his 10-year transformation from running one of the largest gangs in South Carolina history to graduating from University of South Carolina, being accepted into film school in New York City, and working with Spike Lee.

Produced By

Marcus McCall & Terrance Davis

Directed By

Terrence Davis


Terrence Davis

About the Crew

  • American Gang Wars details the deadliest gang feud in the history of Columbia, South Carolina. A feud inherited from Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles that has lasted over 15 years turning even the suburbs into a warzone.
  • Terrence Davis interned with Spike Lee.
  • Received the 'FILM HEALS' award at the Manhattan Film Festival. An award presented to films that have the most impact on improving society.
  • Terrence Davis and producer Marcus McCall opened a film institute in South Carolina.