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Darkest Hour

Own It May 20, 2008

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 96 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5291, 824355529128


Years ago, a sleepy town was terrorized by the North Bend Reaper. Despite a massive manhunt, the Reaper was never found. Now a group of actors are trying to cash in on the town's notorious killings by hosting a murder mystery party, but in the mist of the fun and games they come to realize someone is killing them off, one by one. Has the Reaper come back for one last dance with death?

Directed By

Dan Zachary


Todd Hann, Benjamin Gutknecht, Tamara Pender

About the Crew

  • '. . . a cross between FRIDAY THE 13th, HALLOWEEN and SCREAM- filled with some hot chicks, splattering blood and just enough screams for a good time'. (Ammon Gilbert).
  • Special Bonus Feature Darkworld.


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