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Last Wolf of Ezo

Own It October 20, 2015

Genre: Action, Western

Runtime: 74 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5494, 824355549423


Karukan, a ronin samurai, travels to the old west after his clan fails to stop a beast that has escaped Japan. He hires a guide, Langdon, to accompany him on his journey to stop the beast from killing any more innocent people. Together, along with a band of bounty hunters, they hunt down the beast to the woods of River City. In order to gain the confidence and strength to defeat the beast, Karukan must overcome his past burdens such as family dishonor and lost love.

Directed By

Eduardo Castrillo


Daniel J. Kim, Alex Renteria

About the Crew

  • A professional Muay Thai kickboxer, Daniel J. Kim has also appeared in indie films and shorts such as City At War, The Dinner Date, music videos, and TV.
  • Alex Renteria - Known for City at War, and works for KRON radio, the official station of the SF 49ers and Giants, while securing lead roles in independent films.
  • Marcus 'Big Spence' Spencer - Appeared in the 'The Pursuit of Happyness'.