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Stone Cold Killers - Los Jodedores

Own It February 10, 2004

Genre: Action

Runtime: 99 Minutes

UPC: DVD: MAV-5054, DVD: 824355505429


Featuring a highly talented cast, “Stone Cold Killers - Los Jodedores” portrays the complexity of survival amidst a backdrop of drugs, violence and poverty. Honest in its direct portrayal of erratic human behavior, the film draws the audience into the hearts and minds of the characters. Cheo, Frankie, Pachi, and Armand have little or no choices, but they are neither one-dimensional nor simply defined by their drug-dealing trade. They are complex characters in their own rights. With chilling insight, the director, Eddy Duran, offers a scathing look into a tumultuous and vilified underground culture with an unadorned sincerity.

Eddy Duran's evocative film, “Stone Cold Killers - Los Jodedores,” tells the story of four lives forced to confront the shattering reality of their present and future. Set in Manhattan's Washington Heights, Brooklyn's East New York and the Dominican Republic, the filmmaker deftly intertwines the plights of four savvy drug dealers; a frustrated visual artist suffering from narcolepsy; a washed-up pro boxer trying to make a come back; a depressed alcoholic; and a violent ex-con. From the excess of fast money to the horror of pointless deaths, “Stone Cold Killers - Los Jodedores” reveals the distorted psyche of individuals with well-intended but misguided aspirations and dreams.

Directed By Cast
Eddy Duran Starring Santana Pilarte, Onix Duran, Argee Vasquez, Eliot Santiago and Brenda Price

About the Crew

  • Shot on 35 mm the film was written, directed and produced by New York City filmmaker Eddy Duran.
  • Shot in the Dominican Republic and on the mean streets of Brooklyn New York and Washington Heights.
  • “Stone Cold Killers - Los Jodedores” features the most talented ensemble cast of energetic new comers any independent feature film has to offer.


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