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Keep your friends close .. or not at all

Keep your friends close .. or not at all

Merely Players Movie Review

- Bobby Peoples

Sometimes the overwhelming feeling of emotions, jealousy and feeling like the world has passed you by can be an emotional transparency of awkwardness, leaning towards those who have gone on to live their dreams.

Merely Players deals with the road less travel aspect of searching for our own way through life. When we try to define ourselves through our life and career and we watch our friends and family move on successfully to pursue their dreams. This movie touches on those emotions that usually do us more harm than good, as we try to make our own way in the world. 

However, the grass may not always be greener on the other side. Just because we think someone else's life seem to be going well doesn't mean it doesn't come with its own level of insanity and chaos. Merely Players, forces us to define our own path and remain on course, and play the cards we are dealt in life.

The cloudiness of coping with our own inner demons can and will create a personality disorder that will awaken the sociopath that lies dormant in us all, We must be careful enough to know not to feed the need to be different or lack conscience just because of peer pressure. This makes Merely Players a perfect match to represent the society most of us live in and shine light on the shadows of corruption in our own minds.



Merely Players                         
Now available to rent, stream and purchase on DVD

Written and Directed by Brian Follmer - Introducing Kristin Milweski, Karina Nicole, Ashley Solano Cinematography by Yonatan Resnick, Sound effects Brett Hettrich, Richard Van Music By Jordan Kaufman

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