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420 High Desert Way

Own It March 01, 2011

Genre: Action

Runtime: 98 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5365, 824355536522


With the High Desert drug game getting out of control, the police are forced to use an undercover street-cop to infiltrate the extreme world of drugs and violence. With his new identity, D-Dogg must prove himself by mastering the criminal way of life. However, his cover is about to be blown when the drug lord gets word of the disloyalty in his camp. Soon, D-Dogg finds himself on a crash course that sets to derail his mission. It's a high-octane race to see who'll be the last man standing.

Directed By

Tom Breedlove


Tristan Ott, Trey Alley, Tom Breedlove

About the Crew

  • Trey Alley - 'Snapped', 'Crisis: New York Under Water'.
  • Tristan Ott - Colma: The Musical.
  • Film that combines full-tilt action and a compelling story that will appeal to the to the masses.