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A Masquerade Trapp

Own It April 18, 2023

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 75 Minutes

UPC: 824355597028, 01:14:48


This pastor is a pimp; hustling through Christian dating apps. His pimp game is strong, and he's loved by all the ladies of the night. Until another pimp's woman leaves him, to be with the pastor. From the pulpit to the strip, pimpin' ain't easy.

Produced By

Billy Ray Valentine

Directed By

Billy Ray Valentine


Leonard Stewart, Eric Mayes, Aaron Brown, Angila Dawson

About the Crew

  • Mark Anthony Mathews aka Billy Ray Valentine is a actor, director, and producer known for Magic (2020), Lil Ceasar (2021), and Walk of Rufus (2022).
  • Eric Mayes is an actor known for Magic (2020), White People Money (2020), and Gain the World (2021).