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Addiction by Subtraction

Own It December 03, 2019

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 90 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5613, 824355561326


While trying to cure the emotion of rage, Jacob James stumbles onto a drug that releases all his inhibitions and takes him down a self-destructive path. Though quiet and reserved by day, scientist and professor, Jacob James explores the darker nature of humanity. He discovers a way to unlock his own dark side by creating a key, a chemical akin to ecstasy. Will Jacob find a way to cope with his destructive desires and live a happy life? Will he find peace, or will he become addicted to the subtraction of his soul?

Produced By

Greg Galloway and Mason Younge

Directed By

Greg Galloway


Thomas Mikal Ford, Cameron H. Miller, Tihirah Taliaferro, Melanie Richardson, Leigh Jones

About the Crew

  • Greg Galloway is a director and producer known for The Anatomy of Love (2010), Music & Murder (2018), and The Substitute Spy (2019).
  • Thomas Mikal Ford is an actor and producer known for Harlem Nights (1989), was a series regular on Martin (1992-97), First Impression (2014), and Conflict of Interest (2017).
  • Cameron H. Miller is known for his work on Crazy Intent, The Promise (2012) and Skinned (2015).