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All for the Money

Own It February 19, 2019

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Runtime: 106 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5578, 824355557824


All for the Money... a not so everyday love story of when opposites attract. When 67-year-old Eddie Wilson, who lives in his mom's basement, meets the thirty something, hot and classy real estate agent Simone Washington on the '' dating website, it seemed like love at first site. Or at least for him. In a scheme to try to get more internet buzz, the executives at the website give Eddie Wilson one week to convince Simone to marry him. If he succeeds, he wins $500,000 dollars. of course, they don't think he has what it takes. Well, does he? A comedy you don't want to miss.

Produced By

Quincy J. Trent

Directed By

Quincy J. Trent


Brian "Da Wildcat" Smith, maisha r. carter

About the Crew

  • Quincy J. Trent is a writer and Director from Chicago. He has directed numerous stage plays starring Some of Chicago's most talented actors. All for the Money is his third completed film.
  • Brian 'Da Wildcat' Smith is a comedian/actor who had starred in movies alongside Angela Bassett and Robert Townsend in 'Of Boys and Men' and 'Call Center'. his latest achievement is winning the Shaquille O'Neal Allstar comedy competition where He took home the crown. He recently had a role in Fox Television's new sitcom 'Rel'.
  • Simeon Henderson is no stranger to inspiring independent film. He's guest starred in shows like Chicago fire, Chicago P.D., and empire and has been in movies such as 'dangerous obsession', 'Jeremy Brooks.