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All Natural

Own It June 28, 2022

Genre: Comedy, Inspirational

Runtime: 104 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5810, 824355581027


A man with bad luck in relationships finally meets Mrs. Right, but she makes a hair-raising decision that challenges him to love her through the thick and thin.

Produced By

Corey Eugene Crumbley, Jacquala Shropshire, Toni Brooks

Directed By

Corey Eugene Crumbley


Corey Eugene Crumbley, Ebony N. Mayo, Gwen L. Johnson, Darren Cain, Mikia Jeter

About the Crew

  • Corey Eugene Crumbley is a writer, actor, director, and producer. His passion as a writer, producer, and director continues to ignite his love and respect for the art of film-making. As a visionary, Corey produces quality entertainment that inspires, uplifts, challenges, and captivates the faith-based industry. Through compelling films, treasured children's classics and timeless stories, Corey delivers on the promise of wholesome and trusted entertainment.
  • Ebony N. Mayo is an actress known for Sustained (2017), Expose (2018), and Bruh (2021).
  • Darren Cain is an actor known for Prodigal (2019), First Christmas (2020), and Rift (2021).