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American Girl

Own It August 27, 2024

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 100 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6137, 824355613728


After an argument with her emotionally abusive step-father, a smart 19-year-old woman from rural Georgia hastily moves to Atlanta with hopes of staying with a friend. Motivated by the social justice movement of 2020, she wants to work for Stacy Abrams and register people to vote. After an argument with her friend, she finds herself suddenly homeless and must survive on the mean streets of Atlanta by any means necessary.

Produced By

Sharlene Falls

Directed By

Al Robbins


Jamila Gray, Ashanti Harris, Pamela Ricardo

About the Crew

  • Al Robbins is a writer, director, and producer known for The Devil's Diamond (2006), The Next Day (2012), All that Matters (2020), and American Girl (2024).
  • Jamila Gray is an actress known for Paramount + On The Come Up, directed by Sanaa Lathan.
  • Ashanti Harris is an actress known for American Soul (2019), #Clout (2022), #Plugged (2023), and Innocent Shots (2024).