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An Existential Affair

Own It October 17, 2006

Genre: Erotic

Runtime: 85 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5195, 824355519525


AN EXISTENTIAL AFFAIR, between a married woman and her much younger lover, becomes both a sensual and philosophical experience. Petra (Gretchen Becker -Hollywood Homicide, Ed Wood, Dream Lover) and Mark (Alex A. Quinn, son of Oscar-winning actor, Anthony Quinn) hold their stolen 'sessions' in assorted hotels. Restless, Mark looks for more adventurous fantasies for them to experience beyond the confines of their hotel room. This leads them to a fetish club, where they continue to live out their S&M fantasies. Jealousy and resentment turn their sexually charged relationship on and off through the years. Nevertheless, their enduring passion encourages them to attempt a normal, traditional relationship -but is their twisted love beyond redemption?

Directed By

Peggy Bruen


Gretchen Becker, Alex A. Quinn, Martin Landau

About the Crew

  • Existential Affair - A hot spicy affair leads to an emotional reality check!