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Army of the Dead

Own It March 04, 2008

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Runtime: 89 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5253, 824355525328


In 1590, Coronado dispatched a division of one thousand men to find the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. Those men never returned. While searching Baja peninsula caves as part of an archeological expedition, a university professor and his students unwittingly unleash a long dormant curse. They soon find themselves in a life or death battle with an army of skeletal warriors, the undead remnants of Coronado's conquistadors.

Directed By

Joseph Contegiacomo


Ross Kelly, Stephanie Marchese, Miguel Martinez, Mike Hatfield, Audrey Anderson

About the Crew

  • Excellent CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
  • Directed By Joseph Contegiacomo One of the Creative Forces Behind Black Hawk Down, The Siege and Men in Black
  • Army of the Dead: The Scorpion King meets Tomb Raider