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At All Cost

Own It May 12, 2015

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 92 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5491, 824355549126


Frank White, a car salesman from Amarillo, Texas is convinced by his friend T-White to move to Houston and jump into the music industry. Once Frank decides that he will move he is confronted with a couple of obstacles making it hard for him to leave His brother, BJ helps him get a job in real estate so he can finance his dream of becoming a successful recording artist. Then Frank meets Kesha, a gorgeous realtor who wants to help out, while his girlfriend has other plans. Watch as this inspirational romantic comedy unfolds to see if Frank achieves his musical stardom.

Directed By

Sean Henderson


Frank White, Terrance "T" White, Franchesca Solange, Kim White, Marianna Wright, Kirk White, James Bradshaw, Rushsaun Wilkinson

About the Crew