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Battered Emotions

Own It June 06, 2023

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 74 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5945, 824355594522


Rasheada has accepted that her battle with breast cancer is inevitable but her spiritual fight is still as strong as ever. She continues her upbeat facade for friends and family, but is unsure how long it will be until she can no longer compete with her emotional life's journey. Her sister, Tara, and her best friend, Bunny, struggle with their own issues of inner demons and domestic violence, while trying to support Rasheada through her battle.

Produced By

Niani Stewart Jackson

Directed By

Roosevelt Jackson


Cross Thompson, Lanae Gray

About the Crew

  • Roosevelt Jackson is a producer, director, and writer known Misconception of a Father (2016), District Queens (2022), Covered Silence (2022), The Queens Court (2023).