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Beyond Grace

Own It December 03, 2013

Genre: Gospel, Drama

Runtime: 137 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5435, 824355543520


Natalie Preston-Waith is a Grammy-winning gospel recording artist who suspends her career to manage the ill direction of her children, Michal and Ken. When tragedy strikes the family, Malcolm and Natalie are determined to get their children to see what they do for Christ will last, and the grace of God is sufficient in all situations.

Directed By

Robyn L Rease


Evette Anderson, Justin Claiborne, Tony Menefee, Torry Asbury, Montez Cardwell, Cheryl Adamick, Robbie Badgett, Jay Cross

About the Crew

  • Robyn Rease, a prolific screenwriter has written hundreds of skits and full length plays and has directed & staged plays at different churches along the East Coast.