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Blind Confession

Own It July 05, 2022

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 107 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5841, 824355584127


C-Moe is Dallas's biggest drug dealer who is on top of the world. He has respect, fear, money, and with his beautiful, but dangerous first lady, they look to take over the world. When a tragic accident happens, he has no choice, but to learn how to live with the help of a hometown nurse.

Produced By

Michael W. Green

Directed By

Michael W. Green


Santosha Nicole, Michael W. Green, LaShawn VanHook

About the Crew

  • Michael W. Green is an actor, director, and producer known for Carter High (2015), One More Chance at Love (2016), Mr. Faithful Cheater (2016), Church of Fears (2018), and Ripples (2018).
  • Santosha Nicole is an actress known for Black Diamond (2019), Gutta Mamis (2020), and Chloe's Pocketbook Diary (2022).
  • LaShawn Vanhook is an actor known for Sideline Confessions (2013), A Familiar Lie (2020), and Blunt News (2021).