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Block Burner

Own It October 26, 2021

Genre: Action, Drama

Runtime: 99 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5761, 824355576122


Based on the true-life rags to riches story of Young Block. Born without a father, and raised by his mom and her abusive boyfriend, Young Block learns the games and struggles of growing up in the hood. When you burn the block, the block burns you.

Produced By

Chad Hendricks & Khiry Terry

Directed By

Chad Hendricks


Young Block, Jasmine Rhey, John Sloan Jr.

About the Crew

  • Chad Hendricks is a writer and director known for Kracker Jack'd (2003), Block Burner (2012), Trapp Life (2013). He also wrote and starred in Me and Mrs. Jones (2018).
  • Tavares Walker is known for writing Trapp Life (2013) and Boss Moves (2021). He starred as "Lucci Kruz" in Trapp Life and "Lue Kane" in Boss Moves.