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Bold Evil Liar

Own It November 08, 2016

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 120 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5519, 824355551921


Apollo Love and his wife, Joi, don't know if their marriage can survive his affair with the beautiful seductress, Bel. Although the affair has ended, Bel is in full stalker mode while the Love family tries to deal with Apollo's unfaithfulness, and the recent death of Joi's parents. A web of lies and secrets that have been hidden by other members of both of their families are uncovered, and everyone starts to look scandalous. In the end, the biggest Bold Evil Liar wins.

Produced By

Jonetha "Jomae" Scott

Directed By

Jonetha Jomae Scott


Vernon "Snoop" Robinson, Andromeda Jones, Jamar Harris, Sophia Knolton, Emerald Khan

About the Crew

  • Vernon 'Snoop' Robinson is a director, producer, and actor known for Deceptions of Love (2013) and Carter High (2015).
  • Andromeda Jones is known for her work Deceptions of Love (2013) and Racial Conscience.
  • Sophia Knolton is an actress, known Carter High (2015) and Texas Voodoo Zombies.