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Bootleg Church

Own It October 25, 2022

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 125 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5875, 824355587524


After a church's Bishop dies, a new senior pastor, Pastor Moore, inherits the church, it's congregation and assets. Pastor Moore begins to use the church as a cover-up for his underground drug smuggling, money-laundering, and insurance fraud schemes. Soon Pastor Moore's lies, lust, and greed begin to entangle everyone, and everything around him into his world of crime, and within that world every kept secret will be revealed, and become his downfall.

Produced By

Nakeva Bryant, Tabitha Hoof

Directed By

Nakeva Bryant


Hal Morris, Amika Carr, Richard Jackson

About the Crew

  • Nakeva Bryant is a writer, producer, director, and actress from Tennessee. She is known for her role in "The Beat: Her Call of Decision (206), She is Me Reality Memphis (2018), and Wait for Love (2021).
  • Amika Carr is an actress known for Lot Lizards (2022), Sweet Revenge (2022), and Da Neighborhood Dopemane (2023).