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Boss Moves

Own It June 29, 2021

Genre: Action, Drama

Runtime: 92 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5767, 824355576726


When Lena coerces her husband, Crutch, to betray, Kane, best friends become sworn enemies. Locked in a deadly battle of mind games, nothing is as it seems, so make your next move your best move, because it could be your last.

Produced By

Tavares Walker

Directed By

Chad Hendricks


Tavares Walker, Antwan Bing, Matesha Jones, Clifford McCloud

About the Crew

  • Chad Hendricks is a writer and director known for Kracker Jack'd (2003), Block Burner (2012), Trapp Life (2013). He also wrote and starred in Me and Mrs. Jones (2018).
  • Tavares Walker is known for writing Trapp Life (2013) and Boss Moves (2021). He starred as ""Lucci Kruz"" in Trapp Life and ""Lue Kane"" in Boss Moves.
  • Quantenell Walker is known for playing ""Baby Mama"" in Trapp Life (2013), along with producing Trapp Life (2013) and Boss Moves (2021).
  • Mr. Popular McCloud stars as Poppa in Boss Moves (2021) and performs the hit single ""Boss Talk"" on the Boss Moves soundtrack.
  • Marco Long is a character actor known for his role as ""Lil Mitch"" in Trapp Life (2013) and also plays ""Craig"" in Boss Moves (2021).