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Brandon Queshawn: Everybody's a Target

Own It January 17, 2023

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 66 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5901, 824355590129


A comedy show that takes you out of your comfort zone and brings the laughter right at you. Brandon Queshawn brings a gritty style of comedy where everybody's a target

Produced By

MJ Harrell, Brandon Queshawn

Directed By

MJ Harrell


Brandon Queshawn

About the Crew

  • Brandon Queshawn is a profound entertainer hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brandon had made people laugh since he was a little bit and is continuing in his career all over the country. It has been said when you see Brandon's stand up, what this man says or does on stage will blow your mind, with physical humor and on relevant topics. He will make you think and have you laughing at the same time Brandon's comedic timing and charm will have you in a trance from what happens on stage, it is portrayed or the television, movies, and radio. Brandon is currently available for all comedy shows across the country as well as to showcase his talents in other avenues 17 years in the comedy business.