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Case 137

Own It July 16, 2019

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 70 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5599, 824355559927


Christine Owens stirs the pot with her husband when she catches wind of a suspicious unsolved case within her department. With her bravery and desire to bring justice, Christine puts everything on the line, including her own life to solve Case 137.

Produced By

Marcel Gamble, Nuri Bauswell, Cleo Flucker, Randall Sheridan

Directed By

Nuri Bauswell


Stephen M. Paulsen, Haley Benedict Heslip, Geo Benson, Steve Ostrander

About the Crew

  • Melvin Jackson Jr, is an Emmy nominated Actor, as well as a Comedian, Writer, Producer, Director and CEO of Urban Vision Entertainment known for The Wire (2004), The New Edition Story (2017), This Eddie Murphy Role is Mine, Not Yours (2019).
  • Steve Ostrander is known for his work on Two Guns and a Body Bag (2016), Ten Miles Back (2017) and Dark Justice (2018).
  • Michael Barbee is an actor known for The King's Messengers (2017), Moving Parts (2017), and Betrayed (2018).