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Caught in a Trapp

Own It April 02, 2024

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 76 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6073, 824355607321


The story of a young teen who was abused by his father. Following the tragic death of his parents, he grew up on the streets and is forced into a life of running from D Slug, a known drug lord, after selling drugs from his opps!

Produced By

Robert L. Parker III

Directed By

Robert L. Parker III


Criminal Manne, Shelby Leigh, DeMaris Harvey, Cody Hogan, Christian Parker

About the Crew

  • Robert L. Parker is a director and producer known for The Struggle (2019), Deceptive Intentions (2021), Lot Lizards (2022), Sweet Revenge (2022), and Twisted Games (2023).
  • Shelby Leigh is an actress known for The Bag Girls (2020), He Played Me (2021), Unfair Exchange (2022), and All About a Check (2023).
  • Demaris Harvey is an actor known for Dymez (2021), The Dirty D (2022), and What Happens in the Dark (2023).
  • Criminal Mane is a rapper from Memphis and he is a member of The Project Playaz. He's been making music since 1993 and recently crossed over into film. He's known for films such as Da Neighborhood Dopemane (2023), Played (2023), and Toxic Affair (2023).