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The Champagne Gang

Own It October 03, 2006

Genre: Action

Runtime: 91 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5200, 824355520026


The Champagne Gang is an exciting action-packed drama about four beautiful California beach girls who pull heists to pay for luxury items and surfing vacations to Mexico and Hawaii. Clad in fitted cat suits and netting millions in cash, the cops are clueless to the identity of the gang as their cleverly executed late night store break-ins spread throughout San Diego. Soon greed threatens the champagne-popping all-girl crew's freedom and friendship. As the investigating cops close in, how long will their criminal escapades continue to pay off for these lovely vixens? Featuring hit music by Platinum Recording Artist DOMINO. Also featured, DEVIL DOLL, REIGN KINGS, and, the award-winning song, 'Liberte' by HAVOC RAZOR.

Directed By

Daniel Zirilli


Suri Serano, Candise Lakota, Lacey Toups, Tarah Tobiason, Damon Whitaker, Jesse Camacho, Special appearance by Bokeem Woodbine

About the Crew

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