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Champion Road: Arena

Own It June 05, 2012

Genre: Action

Runtime: 118 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5393, 824355539325


John, Abel and a few new fighters compete in 'The Supreme fighting Arena', a competition where fighters face one another in a contest to the death. Jupiter, Neesa, Kyo, Conner as well as many new enemies appear and the final battle for control over the city begins.

Directed By

R.L. Scott


Shaun Mixon, Monyque Thompson Scott, D.Y. Sao, Kevin Lukata

About the Crew

  • Hard hitting fighting sequences make this film a must see!
  • Champion Road Arena was given the world record for most number of fight scenes in action history (24)
  • 'Champion Road: Arena' is wall to wall with bloody, fast and furious stylized martial arts action and deep compelling drama.