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Champion Road

Own It January 19, 2010

Genre: Action

Runtime: 90 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5335, 824355533521


Desperate to make any money he can Jonathan joins the ranks of one of the deadliest fighting rings in the city. Now with each fight he lays his life on the line and with each win he gets closer to raising the money he needs. But life on the streets is unpredictable and as one last fight takes a vicious turn everything that Jonathan has trained so hard for just might be lost forever.

Directed By

R. L. Scott


Brad James, Monyque Thompson Scott, Ro Brooks,Terrance Parham, Shaun Mixon

About the Crew

  • Jerome Ro Brooks - Make It Rain, 'The Corner'
  • Monyque Thompson Scott - Losing Ground
  • Hard hitting fighting sequences make this film a must see!