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Cold Heart Canyon

Own It January 15, 2008

Genre: Erotic, Thriller

Runtime: 96 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5228, 824355522822


Heather, a beautiful divorcee finds peace in the secluded Laurel Canyon. But all is not so quiet in the canyon that holds forbidden secrets. Things start to heat up, when Heather meets an attractive couple, Marisa and Daniel, whose intentions are to lure her into a life of eroticism. When Marisa mysteriously disappears, Heather is flooded with suspicion of her new lover Daniel. How well does she really know him? Could the man she has given herself to be a cold blooded murderer or just another dark secret in Cold Heart Canyon?

Directed By

Janine Gosselin


Aubrey Caldwell, William Patrick Lupardus, Paul Howard, Lee Anne Davis, Holly Morgan

About the Crew

  • A thriller with a sexual twist • Sexual fantasies turn deadly in this hot erotic thriller!• Fatal Attraction meets Wild Things.• Tastefully done sex scenes.• Suspense, Action and Sex all bundled up in the Southern Californian Canyons.