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Color Blind

Own It March 16, 2004

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 85 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5056, 824355505627


Color Blind is the story of three friends growing up in the rough, inner city. Jeffery an African American young boy and his father, an aspiring surgeon, quickly befriend J.C. and his family, recently arrived Asian immigrants. Jeffery's father quickly instills the idea that education will take J.C. and Jeffery out of their rough neighborhood and on their way to the American dream. J.C. and Jeffery's friend Joey lives across the street. Joey is the child of a single mother who battles with abusive relationships, welfare and drug abuse. Their families become like a surrogate family to Joey as he battles with his own family's dysfunction. As the boys enter manhood and deal with life and love their friendships are cemented as they each face battles that life in the inner city brings.

Directed By

A film by Davon E. Johnson


Starring Kenneth Lee Scheible, Bobby Lefebre and Stephen Scott

About the Crew

  • Color Blind tests the boundries of friendships and depicts that true friendships are not bounded by color or race.