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Own It October 05, 2021

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 70 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5713, 824355571325


A young married couple has a friend from college visit them, who is in distress. She has a huge secret which ultimately spirals into a domino effect of more secrets, sex, corruption, murder and concealing the truth.

Produced By

Nelson J. Davis

Directed By

Nelson J. Davis


Nelson J. Davis, Kiara C. Bennett, Caranita Harrelson

About the Crew

  • Nelson J. Davis is an actor and director known for Secure the Bag (2019), Unwitting Deceit (2020), Ultimatums (2020), and Forbidden Fruit (2021).
  • Kiara C. Bennett is an actress known for Reindeer Games (2020), Forbidden Fruit: First Bite (2021), and Concealment (2021).
  • Caranita Harrelson is an actress known for Lovers Lane (2017-2019), Unwitting Deceit (2019), and Slumber Party Slaughter Party 2 (2021).