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Own It September 05, 2023

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 79 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5958, 824355595826


College student, Quan, is presented with an opportunity too good to turn down. When she lets her sister, Bree, in on the deal, she takes it to the next level. Soon Quan realizes they both are in too deep, and is faced with the consequences.

Produced By

Derrick Holley, Alicia Kittrell

Directed By

Alicia Kittrell


Imani Paulk, Derrick Holley, Bee Badd, Jerald Tindall

About the Crew

  • Derrick Holley is actor, director, and editor known for Karma (2013), Karma 2 (2018), and Suppress (2018).
  • Bee Badd is an actress known for Lilith's Ball: 7 Deadly Sins (2022), Pieces (2023), and The Color Green (2023).