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Own It December 13, 2022

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 76 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5863, 824355586329


When cash-strapped Cassie finds success dancing in a nightclub, under the name CREAM, the pursuit of cold, hard cash, leads hers into doing private parties, and soon working as an escort. CREAM is about to learn that big money comes at a big price.

Produced By

Snoop Robinson

Directed By

Cali Sonte


Tia Williams, Andromeda Jones, Diamond Simmons-James, Montreal Diggs, Chris Murdaugh

About the Crew

  • Cali Sonte is an actress, writer, and director known for Black Diamond (2019), #Washed (2020), and Trap Soldiers (2022).
  • Montreal Diggs is an actor known for Love & Drugs 2 (2020), Heavy (2021), and Hood Fetish (2022).
  • Andromeda Jones is an actress known for Deceptions of Love (2013), Stolen Virginity (2016), Through Treasure's Door (2021), and Behind Treasure's Door (2021).
  • Diamond Simmons-James is an actress known for Step Dad (2021), Bid for Love (2022), and Trap Soldiers (2022).