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Own It October 13, 2009

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 92 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5303, 824355530322


Wilbur Krump has just about every card stacked against him; with an empty bank account, a dead-end job, a few extra pounds, and a cop who has it out for him. If that's not enough he still lives with his mother! So who in their right mind would want to marry him? Follow this improbable story of how a guy so 'down on his luck' finds his way to the chapel.

Directed By

James Cahill


Scott Dittman, Alby Castro, James Cahill, Nicole Andrews, Amelia Jackson-Gray

About the Crew

  • Amelia Jackson-Gray - Journey to the Center of the Earth, Snakes on a Train
  • Nicole Andrews Penthouse, The Pig People
  • Great Comedy Film