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Own It February 20, 2024

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 79 Minutes

UPC: MAV-6030, 824355603026


Herc is trying to make it in the NBA but his finances are making the journey difficult. So he decides to purchase and sell "REEFER" a alter CBD strand that is being pushed in the streets by a crooked mayor

Produced By

J. Paul The DemiGod

Directed By

J Paul The DemiGod


Darc Chain, Kevin Mungo, Rakeem Massingill, Shaffran Benton, Shannon Hunt

About the Crew

  • J. Paul The DemiGod is a director and cinematographer known for Lilith's Ball: 7 Deadly Sins (2022), Pieces (2023), and Forever Single (2023).
  • Rakeem Massingill is an actor known for Black and blue Tears (2022), Life's Cycle (22023), and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret (2023).