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Dead Soon

Own It September 11, 2012

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 66 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5369, 824355536928


A young woman Alena is out jogging through a mountain trail when she is attacked near an old abandoned well. She tries to prove to others what happened, that some mysterious force saved her, but no one will listen. Her mental state deteriorates as she descends into a nightmarish world of paranoia and reality.

Directed By

Michael R. Morris


Aleece Jones, Robert Hector, Ryan Caldwell, Meredith Barnett, Wayne Ostrander, Art Roberts

About the Crew

  • A unique mix of horror, drama, and suspense.
  • DEAD SOON never reveals too much or too little, instead giving just the right amount of information to keep the viewer guessing about what might be next.