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Deep Trouble

Own It May 12, 2013

Genre: Action

Runtime: 90 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5442, 824355544220


A drug dealing kingpin tries to take control of a firm which manages the careers of actors. But the artists aren't interested in being part of the dealer's money-laundering scheme, and they hatch their own plan to bring him to justice.

Produced By

Juney Smith

Directed By

Juney Smith


Antony Hagopian, Isis Harris, Alyah Horsford

About the Crew

  • Antony Hagopian is an actor known for The Blacklist (2016), Blue Bloods (2013), The Sopranos (2006),and Law & Order (2005).
  • Isis Harris is an actress known for Wasteland (2011), City Teacher (2007), and As The World Turns (2003).
  • Alyah Horsford is an actress known for Snitch in New York (2002), and Deep Trouble (2001).