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Own It June 11, 2019

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 89 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5607, 824355560725


Diamondz is a movie based on seven young ladies that have no parental guidance trying to find their way. Making a few bad decisions along the way, many lessons are learned along their journey. Together they will learn about true friendship, betrayal, heart ache and pain. While experiencing sensuous and steamy encounters at the same time, this movie will intrigue and stimulate you, whatever your experience with romantic or friendly relationships may be. Learn about the differences between seven woman and the circumstances that shape their interesting lives. Travel with them as they come to find out, life's no fairytale.

Produced By

Tyeisha Downer

Directed By

Tyeisha Downer


Kimia Workman, Rick Palmer Jr., Asim Amin, Tiara Ferguson, Charles Mclain

About the Crew

  • Kimia Workman is an actress known for Guns and Grams (2016), I Still Have Joy (2016), and Burning Sands (2017).
  • Asim Amin is an actor, known for For My Man (2015), Archives of the Heart (2015) and Shock Nation (2017).
  • Tiffany Yancey is an actress known for Split Second (2012), The Real Cupid (2013), and Love Him or Leave Him (2015).