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Don't Shoot

Own It October 06, 2020

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Runtime: 119 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5690, 824355569025


After the unarmed shooting of William King, a college bound black teen, by two white officers, a city is on fire as it seeks justice in these times of racial division.

Produced By

Justin Milton & Lekisha Lemons

Directed By

Justin Milton


About the Crew

  • Justin Milton is a producer and writer, known for The Foreign Exchange Student (2018), The Perfect Wife (2019) and Behind Closed Doors (2020).
  • Omar Gooding is an actor known for Smart Guy (1997-1999), Baby Boy (2001), Percentage (2014), Before I Do (2017), and Bounce TV's Family Time 92012-2019).
  • Billy Sorrells is an actor and writer, known for Ladies of Rap (2012), Because I Love You (2012) Redemption Of A Dogg (2018), and One Crazy Christmas (2018).