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The Drop Spot

Own It December 06, 2022

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 83 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5855, 824355585520


Regular guy, Mike, mistakenly receives a package from a crew member of notorious drug dealer, Big Black, while at work. With his best friend, JD, by his side, the the two must figure what to do: return the package or sell it themselves. With a child to look after and provide for, what should be a simple decision, turns out to be a lot more complicated.

Produced By

Kaegan Alazander Blaq, DeMarcus Bailey

Directed By

Kaegan Alazander Blaq


Brandon Medlock, Jarric Tucker, Dex Lewis, Kasey Evans

About the Crew

  • DeMarcus Bailey is a director, writer, and producer known for Love & Drugs (2018), Love & Drugs 2 (2020), Heavy (2021), and Christmas on my Block (2021).
  • Kaean Alazander Blaq is a producer, writer, and director known for Meet Da Fam (2018), Full Circle (2019), and Datz Funny (2021).
  • Adrian Black is an actor known for Heavy (2021), The Drop Spot (2022), and Poison Candy (2022).
  • Brandon Medlock is an actor known for Poison Candy, Love & Drugs 3 the Ultimate Sacrifice (2022).