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The Engagement

Own It April 08, 2008

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 87 Minutes

UPC: MAV-5259, 824355525922


In this hilarious comedy David, a Jewish American, asks Mia, a beautiful African American, to be his wife-but never dreams what lies ahead when he announces his engagement to his parents. When David's parents surprise him by hosting an engagement party, Mia's African American heritage might just give them the surprise of their lives! To make matters worse, David's parents want a traditional Jewish wedding and Mia's parents demand a traditional Baptist ceremony. As tensions rise throughout the day, will love prevail or will both families tear them apart?

Directed By

Ytasha Womack


Andy Gershenzon, Tenique Mathieu, Bernnadette Stanis, Clifton Davis, Wildcat, Devin Wesley

About the Crew

  • Starring Television icons BernNadette Stanis from the Hit TV Show 'Good Times' (Thelma) and Clifton Davis from 'That's My Mama' and 'Amen'
  • Dan Flannery- '8 of Diamonds'
  • January Stern- Fox TV series 'Prison Break'
  • Devin Wesley- 'Hostile Takedown'